Generate More Spa Leads With Top Web App Price Simulator™

This web application, solves these problems while providing spas with a brand new lead source.
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Alisan Keesee
September 22,2021
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Spas provide a variety of services that cater to a wide variety of clientele. From massages to facials to haircuts, spas offer a unique number of services. Menus and price lists can be overwhelming and lead to potential clients clogging up the phone lines with routine questions. Additionally, some clients may know they want a facial, but not know which is best based on their skin needs and budget. Price Simulator™, a customizable web application, solves these problems while providing spas with a brand new lead source.

Spa Marketing: The Challenges 

Spas--while offering services that cater to everyone--often feel inaccessible to the average person. Many people believe that all spas treatments are expensive or not worth splurging. This is not true, considering many spas offer discounts and affordable services. Spa industry marketers have the challenge of working against this assumption that spas are only for the wealthy.

Along with widespread misconceptions about spas, spa marketing is highly competitive. Nearly every high-end hotel has a spa, medical spas continue to grow in popularity, and even nail salons now offer many traditional spa services. Spas are not just competing among themselves, but with other businesses in the cosmetic, beauty, and leisure industries.

Something that sets spas apart from the competition is that they usually offer services for the entire body. While a nail salon may offer massages or waxing, they are unlikely to extensively treat areas away from the hands and feet. Therefore, spas gain an edge when looking for a full body experience. Built to cater to the spa marketing niche, Price Simulator™ takes advantage of the range of services offered to generate leads for your spa.

Price Simulator™ Changes The Way Spas Get Leads

Price Simulator™ is a web application that integrates directly onto spa websites. It allows potential clients to look through your spa’s entire catalog of services. Adding the ones they want to their “bucket list”, they are then prompted to provide their contact information. Upon doing so, in exchange, they receive preliminary pricing information. Price Simulator™ provides combined and individual service pricing.

Immediately upon submitting their quote, the user will receive their quote on the screen as well as via email and text. This allows them to keep the quote for future reference, though you can choose to have it expire. It also creates a unique impression. Each of these quotes contains a link to your website and a customizable message. The contact information is also customizable, though always includes a phone number and email. This allows your spa to follow up with the lead via email, text, and phone call to answer any questions and potentially book. 

Works In Tandem With Other Marketing Efforts

Price Simulator™ works with and enhances your other marketing efforts such as SEO and PPC. For example, when the user receives their quote via text and email, each quote includes a link to your website. The user’s phone will recognize this link within their messages and email, embedding it into the history. This makes it more likely that the user will see your Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Concerning SEO, Price Simulator™ requires that the user works at their own pace. Therefore, it keeps them on the page longer. Instead of waiting for the page to load, the user controls how quickly they move through Price Simulator™. This lowers bounce rates, increases engagement, and improves time on page. All three of these analytics impact your rankings.

No More Missed Connections

Spas commonly receive several phone calls a day where the caller will ask about offered services or pricing. The caller frequently hangs up without leaving a way to contact them. Even if the caller is interested in your services, they may not remember to call back, or what spa they called. This leads to missed opportunities to get more clients for your spa.

Price Simulator™ reduces the number of missed connections by requiring the entry of contact information. Therefore, if the lead does not follow up themselves, your spa can reach out.

Building Relationships And An Online Presence

One of the best spa marketing techniques is to create rapport and relationships with clients. Since spa services are not necessarily a one-time service, creating connections can create lifelong clients. Price Simulator™ helps spas do this by providing a memorable first impression.

Few spa lead magnets function like Price Simulator™. In fact, few spa websites have implemented web apps or lead magnets at all. Therefore, spas that invest in Price Simulator™ can edge out the competition in both getting more leads and search engine rankings. This increase in online presence will also bring more new leads to your spa. Many clients report seeing four times as many leads after installing Price Simulator™.

The Extras And Benefits

Price Simulator™ is not simply a lead magnet. It also comes with various features that make lead management easier and more effective. A few of the features include:

  • Two-way texting
  • Easily accessible list of all received quotes with contact information
  • Customizable email and text templates
  • Unique two-way texting number with call forwarding direct to your spa
  • HIPPA compliant software
  • Ability to white label
  • Different access levels for dashboard users
  • Installation and technical support

Along with the current and future features of Price Simulator™, the app is scalable, easy-to-use, and functions on your spa website 24/7. It is the best spa leads generator currently available. 

Grow Your Spa Leads With Price Simulator™

Price Simulator™ comes with a free 30-day trial where your spa can try out the web application with no commitment and all acquired leads are completely free. If you choose to cancel within the first thirty days, there is no charge and no questions asked. Following the 30-day trial, Price Simulator™ costs only $199 per month. 

Getting leads for your spa has never been easier. Price Simulator™ automates lead generation and integrates with many of the top lead management software. Instead of spending large amounts of money trying to obtain leads, let the leads come to you with Price Simulator™.

If you are ready to grow your spa business with a free 30-day free trial of Price Simulator™, fill out our free trial form. If you would like to schedule a demo, call 206-973-7865 or reach out online via chat or contact form.