The Best Dermatology Lead Generation Tool: Price Simulator™

Price Simulator™ provides an easy-to-use and high-tech platform to collect and connect your medical spa with leads.
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Alisan Keesee
September 8,2021
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Finding dermatology clients is not as easy as it may seem. Some potential patients are unsure they even need a dermatologist, want to know more about the cost, or do not know where to start. With more of life happening online, dermatology marketing and practices have had to operate more efficiently within the online space. realdrseattle™ makes lead generation easier for dermatologists with their web application, Price Simulator™. Born out of the necessity for virtual communication and designed with dermatologists in mind, Price Simulator™ is the top dermatology lead generation tool.

Dermatology Marketing: Why Traditional Lead Generation No Longer Works

In the past, lead generation largely came from word-of-mouth and traditional modes of marketing such as newspaper ads, billboards, and community presence. In the early days of the internet, simply having a website and utilizing email was enough to get leads online.

Now, with more of life needing to adapt to the internet, the ways that dermatologists acquired leads no longer cut it. Of course, word-of-mouth marketing, physician referrals, and community presence do still play a part. Though, it no longer brings in the majority of leads. Dermatologists must have a strong internet presence to garner leads for their practice.

realdrseattle™ is a marketing company dedicated to strengthening the digital marketing efforts of dermatologists and medical practices. With an understanding of how the cosmetic and medical fields coincide, realdrseattle™ developed a tool called Price Simulator™. It uses a cosmetically focused interface to let patients find medical treatments for the concerns they have. Let’s take a look at how Price Simulator™ gets dermatologists more quality leads.

Getting Dermatology Leads Is Easier Than Ever With Price Simulator™

Price Simulator™ is a web application that easily installs on dermatology websites. It allows users to pick the body or face area where they have a concern and see the treatments that may apply. This educates patients on what may be the best treatment for their concerns and what the specific practice offers.

Choosing the procedures or treatments of interest, the user will then view their “bucket list”. At this stage, they will then provide their contact information. This information is customizable but at least includes a phone number and email address. After providing this information, the user receives a price estimate for all of their chosen treatments. This includes both for the individual procedures themselves and all together.

Price Simulator™ is more engaging and easier to use than a traditional price list. Along with dermatologists needing to update their practices to fit the digital age, consumers are beginning to value transparency over marketing. Providing even a rough idea of the cost of treatment can make a good first impression on a potential patient. This is especially true when your competitors are not as transparent.

Let’s delve into some of the other advantages that Price Simulator™ provides that create a strong dermatology marketing strategy.

Connects Leads And Practice Instantly

When a user submits their contact information through Price Simulator™, they are automatically sent their quote via email and text. Your dermatology practice is copied on these emails and if a user responds, it goes straight to your inbox. Similarly, the text comes from a customized number connected to the Price Simulator™ dashboard. The lead can text this number and your team can reply within the dashboard. Additionally, if they call the number, they will immediately be connected to the office.

This allows your team to follow up on the lead as soon as possible. It removes the barriers of lead generation and opens multiple lines of communication between your practice and the prospective patient. There are no missed connections where contact information could be exchanged, but was not. 

Caters To Patients, Practice, And Search Engines

The design of Price Simulator™ takes the three most important factors of dermatology marketing into consideration. First, the patients. When searching for a dermatologist, patients usually have certain qualifications. They want to find out what procedures they offer, what they can treat, and what to expect from the cost. Price Simulator™ provides all of those answers immediately.

Second, your practice. Dermatology practices--even when they have regular patients--constantly need new leads. As a dermatologist, finding leads can be difficult. Especially if you treat specific conditions or offer treatments that may not cater to everyone. Price Simulator™ personalizes the featured procedures and treatments to your practice, including the descriptions to match your unique techniques and treatment philosophy.

Finally, Price Simulator™ is SEO friendly. It keeps users on your website longer, which is a factor that Google considers when putting together the search results. Also, each email and text quote contains a link back to your website. This helps latently boost your SEO. It also makes Price Simulator™ leads more likely to see your paid advertising efforts as they roam the internet.

The Next Generation Of Leads

Price Simulator™ is revolutionizing the way dermatologists collect leads. Instead of getting a handful of leads throughout the day through traditional means, or losing leads because they did not provide contact information over the phone, Price Simulator™ delivers leads instantly to your inbox and Price Simulator™ dashboard. It cuts out the hard part of obtaining leads and gets right to the point of following up.

Not Just For Leads

While the main function of Price Simulator™ is to compile leads, it also offers dermatology practices so much more. Let’s explore the many other benefits and features of Price Simulator™.


As previously discussed, there are several benefits of Price Simulator™. Some of the many benefits you can experience after installing Price Simulator™ include:

  • Increase in the number of leads
  • Better educated leads
  • Leads more likely to schedule
  • Scalable
  • See all Price Simulator™ leads on the dashboard
  • Ability to follow up immediately
  • Easy to install (often up and in running in less than 48 hours)
  • View past quotes at any time
  • HIPPA compliant


Price Simulator™ has among the most features of any other dermatology lead magnet. Additionally, most features are available for edit in the dashboard by the administrator of the Price Simulator™ account at any time. The features of Price Simulator™ include:

  • Customizable design
  • White labeling available
  • Two-way texting
  • Editable email and text templates
  • Integrates with most lead management software
  • Analytics viewable from the dashboard
  • Search function to find leads faster and easier

Installing Price Simulator™

Placing Price Simulator™ on your website is a quick and easy process. There are two approaches that clients can take: do-it-yourself or standard install. In the do-it-yourself model, you will fill out the free trial form where you can enter all of the procedures, your logo, brand colors, and more. 

You can then choose whether you want the Price Simulator™ team to place the app on your website or someone else. Choosing the Price Simulator™ blends the do-it-youself and standard models. Using the DIY approach, the Price Simulator™ team will only need to procure your two-way texting number. They will then follow up to ensure a smooth installation. 

Using the standard installation approach, you provide the Price Simulator™ team with all of the same information as on the form. The team will then built out the entire app for you. They will then either place it on your website or work with your webmaster to do so.

Under ideal circumstances, Price Simulator™ can begin collecting your 30 days of free leads in under 48 hours. After Price Simulator™ is live and functional, you then have a free month to try it out before committing.

Take Your Dermatology Marketing To The Next Level

Dermatology marketing is not stagnant nor easy. It is constantly changing and requires evolution on the part of dermatologists to maintain a solid strategy. realdrseattle™ has taken much of the work out of this by providing dermatologists with the tools necessary to collect and communicate with leads in a modern and efficient manner. Price Simulator™ is the best lead generation tool for dermatology marketing. 

To claim your 30-day free trial of Price Simulator™ or for any questions, call 206-973-7865. If you are ready to install Price Simulator on your dermatology website, fill our free trial form to get started.