The Top Medical Spa Lead Generator: Price Simulator™

Price Simulator™ provides an easy-to-use and high-tech platform to collect and connect your medical spa with leads.
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Alisan Keesee
September 1,2021
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Before the internet became an integral part of everyone’s lives, lead collection and conversion took place largely in person, over the phone, or, later on, email. These three communication methods are still important to medical spas. However, to survive among the thousands of medical spas across the United States, medspas must have a strategic digital marketing plan and the capacity to collect and manage leads online. For small medical spas or those who have not come into the digital age, this can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, Price Simulator™ provides an easy-to-use and high-tech platform to collect and connect your medical spa with leads. Let’s see how Price Simulator™ is revolutionizing medical spa marketing and why it is the best lead generation tool for medical spas.

Converting Leads: The Problems Medical Spas Face

Medical spas perform a variety of non-surgical procedures, including injections and skincare. In some ways, this makes leads easier to convert when compared to plastic or cosmetic surgery, where the cost, recovery, and procedure are a larger ordeal. However, medical spa leads--like the plastic surgery industry--often require multiple interactions to convert.

Additionally, most cities usually have more than one medical spa. This makes the competition fierce within the local area. Therefore, if you can engage and communicate with the lead first, your medical spa is more likely to see the conversion. 

In the combined medical and cosmetics world that medical spas exist in, first impressions are everything. Price Simulator™ is designed to make a positive and memorable impression.

Collecting Medical Spa Leads In The 21st Century With Price Simulator™

Price Simulator™ is a web application that sits on your website. It lists all the procedures you want to feature based on the body area. For patients doing research and not quite sure what the best treatment for them is, this allows them to conveniently search and learn about procedures. It also keeps them on your website, which makes them more likely to convert.

As they explore your offerings, they can add the procedures they are interested in to their bucket list. Once they finish, they will enter the requested contact information. This will supply them with a customized, preliminary price quote for their selected procedures. They receive the individual prices as well as the combined cost. The user will also receive the quote via email and text.

While some may find written web content interesting, this engages every type of web user including those who want a more interactive experience and those who prefer to read. Price Simulator™ creates an experience that encourages users to become high quality conversions instead of remaining a complacent website visitor. 

Let’s explore some more of the advantages of utilizing Price Simulator™ as part of your medical spa marketing plan.

Intelligent Lead Collection And Retargeting

When a user submits a quote, they receive the quote immediately on their screen, through email, and via text. Your website link is embedded in the email and text which embeds it into the user phones. This makes them more likely to see your paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms. It also boosts SEO, driving traffic to your website.

Instant Follow Up And Communication

Along with the user receiving an email quote, the same quote is immediately sent to your inbox. It tells you all of the procedures they are interested in and provides their contact information. This allows your team to immediately follow up on the quote, sometimes within the hour to work the lead.

Additionally, through the text quote the user receives, they can text you back. Using the Price Simulator™ dashboard, you can text the lead in real-time. It lets potential patients reach your team quickly to get their questions answered. 

Improves Online Presence And SEO

Price Simulator™ was designed to cater to several of Google’s ranking factors. Firstly, the amount of time a visitor spends on your website, the better. Google will recognize that your website contains informative and relevant content. This will signal that your website needs to rank higher. Price Simulator™ keeps users on your website and allows them to work on their own time. This keeps users active and engaged.

Secondly, Price Simulator™ delivers highly sought after information quickly and directly. Users typically know the information they are looking for, whether it be price, the details of a procedure, or who around them offer that procedure. Price Simulator™ hits nearly every one of these frequently searched queries. It provides a price, a short description of each procedure, and is customized to show only the treatments performed at your medical spa. Google recognizes and likes when uses find what they are looking for and will likely rank your website higher.

Overall, Price Simulator improves user experience and search engine optimization. Designed specifically with medspas in mind, Price Simulator™ is the most effective and beneficial way to generate leads.

Benefits And Features

Price Simulator™ is not simply software that allows you to display your pricing creatively (though it does certainly do that). It also comes with various features and benefits not seen in other lead magnet web applications. Some of the features your medical spa can take advantage of with Price Simulator™ include:

  • Two-way texting
  • Ability to view all leads that come through Price Simulator™ in one place
  • Built-in analytics
  • Integrates with most lead management software
  • Customizable text and email templates
  • Easy installation
  • Search functionality to quickly find and manage leads
  • Edit pricing, procedures, templates, and the look of the app from the dashboard
  • Stores quotes for future reference
  • HIPPA compliant

Start Collecting More Medical Spa Leads Risk Free With Price Simulator™

Price Simulator™ reduces the stress of turning website leads into clients. With its smooth integration into your website and easy-to-use interface, both the potential patients and your medical spa receive the vital information needed to move forward. After installing Price Simulator™ many of our medical spa clients report seeing a 400% increase in the number of leads. As one of the most unique and customizable lead generators, Price Simulator™ is the best medical spa marketing tool available.

With more businesses needing to move much of their operations online, Price Simulator™ helps this by making lead generation nearly automatic. Leads simply get stored in the Price Simulator™ dashboard and sent to your inbox. 

Price Simulator™ is easy to install and comes with a 30-day free trial. Following the trial, the cost of the app is $199.  If you would like a demo of the app or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 206-973-7865. If you’re ready to move forward, you can fill out our free trial form for installation within 48 hours.