Plastic And Surgery Lead Generation Tool: Price Simulator™

Let’s look at why Price Simulator™ is the top plastic surgery lead generation tool and how it can benefit your marketing plan.
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Alisan Keesee
September 15,2021
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Plastic and cosmetic surgery leads are among the hardest to convert. There are various reasons for this: 1). Surgery is costly and often requires financing. Therefore, patients take longer to make the decision and book surgery. 2). Patients may become embarrassed or experience stigma and hold off on contacting you. 3). They may want to take time and do their research. So, what can you do to convert leads faster and get more leads for your plastic surgery practice? realdrseattle™ created a tool that automatically captures leads without you needing to shoulder any of the work. Let’s look at why Price Simulator™ is the top plastic surgery lead generation tool and how it can benefit your marketing plan.

Convert Website Visitors To Leads Instantly

One of the pieces of information most sought after by potential cosmetic surgery patients is price. In the past, plastic surgeons have been hesitant to give out their pricing because it varies widely depending on the patient. It was also believed that price acted as a deterrent. However, in the newest stage of the digital age, more and more people expect transparency from the places and services they patronize. This includes plastic and cosmetic surgeons. 

Plastic surgeons who are not open about their pricing often receive fewer leads than those who make it easily available. However, even when a surgeon advertises their pricing, it can still lead to leads who find what they are looking for and bounce to find a cheaper price elsewhere. But, what if you could prevent this? What if you could be transparent without losing the lead to anonymity? That is where Price Simulator™ comes in.

Price Simulator™ allows users to directly access the procedures they are interested in, add them to their bucket list, and receive an instant, preliminary price quote. To receive this, patients must enter contact information. At a minimum, this includes a phone number and email. The practice then follows up with these leads via call, text, and email. It allows them to work the lead earlier in the process than normal.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of Price Simulator™ for plastic and cosmetic surgery websites and practices.

More Plastic Surgery Leads

At its core, Price Simulator™ is a lead generation tool. It is designed to give the information they came for and giving you the leads you want. Price Simulator™ creates a symbiotic relationship between plastic surgery practices and leads. Along with obtaining more leads, the experience Price Simulator™ creates makes leads four times more likely to convert than those from other sources. As part of a digital marketing plan, Price Simulator™ is a necessity for plastic surgeons hoping to capture more leads.

Boost SEO

Leads are not the only tangible benefit of Price Simulator™. It improves search engine optimization and often will increase the rankings of website pages. As a web application, Price Simulator™ boosts SEO in two extremely valuable ways.

First, Price Simulator™ keeps users on your website longer. A ranking factor for Google is how long visitors stay on your website. When using Price Simulator™, the user scrolls around of their own accord. This keeps them engaged and interested versus frustrated or confused when looking for the information they want. Additionally, users do not leave your website when using Price Simulator™.

Second, web apps, in general, indirectly improve SEO by providing a better user experience. While always factored in, Google’s most recent updates place extra emphasis on user experience. Therefore, Price Simulator™ can make a difference in where your website lands in the search results.

Improve User Experience

User experience, sometimes referred to as UX, refers to how easily and pleasantly users can navigate your website. For example, if a user cannot find the information they want, or find a broken link, this worsens the user experience. It can also lead to higher bounce rates and bad first impressions.

Implementing Price Simulator™ improves the user experience because it is easier and more enjoyable to use than a price list. It also lowers bounce rate by engaging users, and provides the user the information they wanted. All of which go beyond the standard of UX standards today.

Cut Down On Price Shopping

Ever had your phone lines tied up with people who only want pricing information? Have you given out prices only to never hear from the lead again? Price Simulator™ prevents these scenarios. It reduces the number of calls, texts, emails, and chats concerning pricing because it makes it easier to find that information. Furthermore, even if a lead does not intend to contact you again, Price Simulator™ ensures you can reach out to them.


Price Simulator™ is more than simply a lead generation tool. It uses intelligent design to pull in and capture leads that a practice can follow up with immediately. The app is customizable and comes with many features that drive leads and improves user experience.

Some of the features built into Price Simulator include:

  • Two-way texting from within the dashboard
  • Customizable email template creator
  • Easily integrates with current website design
  • Text template creator
  • Analytics and reporting available in the dashboard
  • Searchable list of all Price Simulator™ leads
  • Functions on your website 24/7
  • Integratable with commonly used lead management software
  • Compatible with all devices
  • HIPAA compliant


Price Simulator™ comes with free installation and a 30-day free trial. You can cancel anytime within the trial period with no risk or commitment. Following the 30 days, Price Simulator™ is then $199 per month. This comes with all of the features, customer support, and future updates.

Build out and installation of Price Simulator™ takes anywhere from one day to one week. Generally, we can have Price Simulator™ functional on your website in less than one week. The free trial period does not begin until Price Simulator™ is fully functional on your website.

The Top Lead Magnet For Plastic Surgeons: Price Simulator™

Plastic and cosmetic surgery leads are among the hardest to capture. A large personal and financial decision, it may take multiple interactions and communications with a lead for them to convert. Price Simulator™ makes future communication easy and allows plastic surgery practices to reach out directly via text. Few plastic surgery lead magnets function as smoothly as Price Simulator™ making it the best lead magnet for plastic surgeons.

Lead magnets--like their name suggests--capture leads that may otherwise be lost without the magnet. Price Simulator™ cuts down on price shopping patients by collecting their lead information and providing transparent pricing. Not only does this create a memorable experience and impression, but it also provides the quote in email and text form for reference.

Price Simulator™ is designed specifically for the plastic and cosmetic surgery marketing industries to meet the needs of both patients and providers. Able to accommodate surgical and non-surgical procedures, easy editing capabilities, and customization options, Price Simulator™ is among the leading web tools for the plastic surgery industry. 

To know more about Price Simulator™ and how it can increase conversions for your plastic or cosmetic surgery practice, contact us at 206-973-7865. You can also reach out via email or our contact form. If you want Price Simulator™ as soon as possible, fill out our free trial form for an expedited installation.